Getting started with AIDA64

AIDA64 can be downloaded in either a ZIP compressed package or in a self-installation EXE package. Both versions contain the same files, the only difference is the process of installation.

Setting up a ZIP package

AIDA64 does not require a setup process, hence it can be installed by just copying AIDA64 files (AIDA64.EXE, AIDA64.DAT, etc) into an empty folder. From the ZIP compressed package AIDA64 files can be decompressed to a folder by using WinZIP, WinRAR or any other ZIP compatible application. After the decompression it is necessary to create a shortcut to launch AIDA64, it can be done by right-clicking on the decompressed AIDA64.EXE file, and selecting Send To / Desktop (create shortcut).

Setting up a self-installation EXE package

Although AIDA64 does not require a setup process, to ease the installation it can be downloaded in a self-installation EXE package too. That package does exactly the process explained in the previous paragraph: it decompresses the files to a new folder (default: C:\Program Files\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme Edition) and creates a shortcut on the desktop to launch AIDA64. The self-installation package offers the advantage of enabling the uninstallation in Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs.


Since AIDA64 does not require a setup process, it can be removed simply by deleting all files in AIDA64 folder, and when it’s done the folder itself can be removed too.

To remove an AIDA64 installed using a self-installation EXE package it is preferred to use the standard Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs way, to ensure the entry for AIDA64 is to be removed from the Windows installed programs list.

Upgrading AIDA64

When a new version is available, AIDA64 can be upgraded by downloading the new ZIP package and extracting all files into the AIDA64 installation folder, by overwriting all existing files. Before the upgrade the uninstallation of the old version is not necessary.

Getting started to use AIDA64

The user interface and its elements

Configure and customize AIDA64 user interface and behavior

Create reports of system configuration

Getting started with AIDA64