This page can be used to configure SensorPanel options for the Hardware Monitoring feature. Please scroll down to read explanation for this page.

Aida64 preferences sensorpanel SensorPanel

Show SensorPanel

This option can be used to enable displaying the SensorPanel.

Keep SensorPanel the topmost window

When this option is enabled, the SensorPanel is always visible, since it is displayed on top of all other windows. This feature is also called “always on top”.

Lock panel position

This option can be used to lock the location of the SensorPanel on the Windows Desktop.

Lock panel size

This option can be used to lock the dimensions of the SensorPanel, and effectively disable resizing it by the computer user.

SensorPanel background color

This option configures the background color of the SensorPanel. Background color should be selected to ensure proper text readability.

SensorPanel transparency

This option configures the transparency level of the SensorPanel. Window transparency level adjustment is not supported under Windows 95, 98, Me and NT 4.0.